New update, now with quieter sounds!

I just uploaded a new build with a few tweaks, and specifically, quieter sounds since a few of you said they were quite loud.   Let me know if I over-corrected, and I'll make another fix.  Hopefully, though, we're all good!

I'll be issuing a content update in a couple of weeks with more questions, a refreshed set of daily challenges, and more.   In the meantime, keep the scores coming in on!

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Jul 03, 2022

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I keep getting questions with only 1 answer and then it credits me with the wrong answer. Has happened several times during single player.

That shouldn’t be happening!  I’ll try to get that fixed today.  Sorry about that!

It looks like when the question pops up, the first answer is automatically selected.

An update. I went ahead and deleted the game and re-downloaded and loaded the game and played one round of single player with no problems. I'll let you know if the problem pops up again. Hopefully, it is all fine now.

Take that back. I did just have it happen again. Sorry

No worries!  I'll look into a fix tonight.  I think I know why it's happening, but I don't know how it would have gotten into that state.  Sorry again!  I'll comment when I have a fixed version up.